India vs England 1st Test Day 2 Highlights Today 11-10-2016

Watch Ind v Eng first test second day full highlights today from Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot (India), Thursday 10th November 2016. If Indian batsmen will remain in their recent form in this match then captain of the Indian test cricket team Virat Kohli has a chance to save this match otherwise it’s looking dangerous to defend scored runs.

Indian most talented bowler Ravichandran Ashwin bowled thirty-one overs yesterday and took two wickets with 108 runs. UT Yadav and RA Jadeja these two Indian bowlers took two wickets one wicket each of them till the end of day 1. Alastair Nathan Cook captain and the opener of England test cricket team got huge bad-luck and out at wrong discussion by the umpire and he runs away to the dressing room without asking to review but it’s happening in cricket.

Toss: England & chose bat.

England scored 311 runs with four wickets down in 93 overs till the end of the first day. Now if England’s remaining six batsmen will stand on the pitch till end of today’s play then it will become much difficult for India to gain victory or save the match because Rajkot pitch now is on its debut for the first test and after today there are many chances that if it’s behavior may change or not it is a big question because now nobody knows what will happen in next four days.

If the pitch becomes slower after the first day like other Indian pitches then there is a little hope for India. Almost four catches dropped yesterday at slip off AN Cook all times it was outside edge, his wicket down when England was at 47 and then it was 15.1 90.6 kph, flat, turning in to beat Cook’s flick, and he’s not reviewed this lbw decision! I think that was a missing leg, a very strange decision from Cook after Chris Gaffaney gave him out.

Shuffled across to a length ball that pitched on the stumps and hit him in front of middle and leg. I’m really not sure that was hitting leg stump. Cook may have thought his shuffle had taken him farther across the stumps than he actually was. He was looking to work that through the square leg or backward square leg, and it’s dangerous to play Jadeja with a closed bat face. Missing leg by a long way, Hawkeye says 47/1.

Haseeb Hameed new England’s batsmen batted well with scoring 31 runs and out lbw bowl by Ashwin and then England scored was 76. JE Root scored 124 runs beautiful innings, he faced 180 deliveries and smashed eleven 4s and a maximum. BM Duckett contributed thirteen runs, England third wicket down at 102 and he was BM Duckett. After the third wicket down JE Root and MM Ali took charge and blast 160 runs partnership then Root’s wicket down at 281. MM Ali standing at 99 not out and BA Stokes 19 not out.

Match Timings: 09:30 local time (04:00 GMT)

India team
M Vijay, G Gambhir, CA Pujara, V Kohli*, AM Rahane, R Ashwin, WP Saha†, RA Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, UT Yadav, A Mishra.

England team
AN Cook*, H Hameed, JE Root, BM Duckett, MM Ali, BA Stokes, JM Bairstow†, CR Woakes, ZS Ansari, AU Rashid, SCJ Broad.

Test no. 2332 | 2016/17 season
Played at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot
9,10,11,12,13 November 2016 (5-day match)

Umpires – HDPK Dharmasena and CB Gaffaney
TV umpire – RJ Tucker
Match referee – RS Madugalle
Reserve umpire – CK Nandan

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