England vs India 1st Test Day 3 Highlights – Aug 3, 2018

Ind v Eng highlights today – first test day three from Edgbaston, Birmingham (England) Friday 3rd August 2018. England scored 287 runs in their first innings all out in 89.4 Overs. Yesterday India started their first innings and scored 274 all out in 76 overs. Indian team openers were doing very good till 50 runs on the board after that M Vijay’s wicket dismissed when he was at 20 off 45 balls. Then second wicket down at 54 it was KL Rahul with 4 runs, S Dhawan wicket down at 59, AM Rahane has gone at 100. India’s fifth wicket dismissed when it was (29.2 smashing stuff! Stokes pitches it right up to the pads, a bit of late inswing, and Karthik’s stumps have been splattered! That was loose from the batsman, but brilliant from the bowler, he’s been making the ball talk, and now it’s talking his language too! 100/5) and it was KD Karthik †.

HH Pandya contributed 22 runs and out, R Ashwin 10, it was captain’s innings who smashed all English bowlers all around the park with his 149 runs innings. He smashed 22 boundaries in his beautiful innings and a maximum. When his wicket dismissed then it was (75.6 finds point. Short and wide ball and he ends up cutting it straight to the fielder. Of all balls to get out to. Falls a run short of 150, but he walks off with a smile. He’s done the job. 274/10). SM Curran took four wickets and the rest of the bowlers took two wickets each of them without SCJ Broad who took no wicket. Till stumps day 2 England lead by 22 runs with 9 wickets remaining.

1st Test, India tour of Ireland and England Highlights

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